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Insurance Claims Investigation agency in chennai

Insurance Claims Investigation

At SK INVESTIGATION, we conduct investigations pertaining to insurance claims and insurance frauds. We have handled plenty of such cases in the past where we found that many claimants would claim the money from an insurance company on false documents of a death certificate. Such deceptions can prove to be a costly deal for insurance companies. We have a separate team, specializing in handling insurance claim investigation that can help you identify fraudulent activities. Our team of professional investigators works closely with the legal team and the claims department of the company with the only objective to protect it from insurance frauds.

SK conducts thorough investigations of fraudulent or suspicious insurance claims to verify their authenticity. With our own pan-India network, we are positioned to provide prompt investigation for questionable travel, death or other insurance claims. We handle all lines of insurance including property, workers’ compensation, vehicle, health, etc.

SK’s services include:

Verification of suspicious claims of death
Locating and interviewing witnesses
Verification of previous employment
Surveillance of claimant
Medical history
Background investigation of claimant